Our Farm's Story

We purchased our farm in 2012, with hopes of farming together as a family. The first year, we did well! We were both able to work the farm and even had a farm hand. During the 'off season', we worked outside the farm and were ready to begin again our second year. We had our ups and downs trying new crops and redoing the nursery to have better, healthier plants. We added a walk in freezer, planted asparagus, iris, and strawberries, and added two to our family! The path has been a bit dirty, bumpy, rocky, full of pests, frustration and breakdowns, but we 'keep on keeping on' with hope that one day we will get it figured out.  


Our Process

Although we are not yet Certified Organic, we prefer to use sprays only when needed. We have not needed to spray our Blueberry Crop for 3 seasons! The Asparagus has never needed spay, and neither have the strawberry crops. We monitor crops for insects using traps or sticky cards. During blueberry season, we crush blueberries in salt solution to ensure Spotted Wing Drosophila larva have not infested the crop. These critters are not something you'd want crawling out of your blueberries at home :)

Please feel free to ask when or if the product(s) has been sprayed. We will gladly fully disclose spray details and can let you know the best time to get un-sprayed product(s)!


Hope Cash

We all have our purpose in life, and I am the doer. I love to mow...when the mower is working!  I like organizing projects and people to complete tasks. I like to get my hands dirty and see the fruits of my efforts. I also try to do it all, only to find out I am human too. I want to teach my children to work well together and have a 'go get em' work ethic. I hope this farm will teach them about responsibility, respect, and seeing the task thru, win or lose.


Chris Cash

After moving around the country with my parents, I was ready to put roots down for my family.  We had talked about doing a blueberry farm a few years prior to finding out about this farm's availability. I am working hard every day to make our dreams a reality.


The Cash Children

We like to play, have adventures, and help our Momma (sometimes). Please watch for us as we play around the farm! GO SLOW on the DRIVEWAY, just in case we aren't paying attention. 

Thanks for visiting us, we would love to see you again soon!