Current Specials

Please make an appointment so there will be plenty left for you to pick. Specials are subject to change at any time. Availability will depend on the weather, number of visitors and various factors outside of our control. You may also call 270-261-1360 for availability. 

Fall is upon us!  Time to PLANT BLUEBERRIES!

Make an appointment or meet us at the BOUNTY of the BARRENS Market Every Saturday 8 to 12 until October 31st.

Special this week Potted $15 dollar bushes are 2 for $25!

Blackberry rooted cuttings $2/Plant or $50/tray (50 cuttings per tray)

Past Specials

June 1st - July 1st:  Blueberries!

  • $45 per 10lb Box. 
  • $22.50 per 5lb Box.
  • $8 per Quart. 
  • $5 per Pint.

May - June 1st: Strawberries!

  • Picked For You:
    • $10.00 per Gallon. 
    • $4.00 per Quart. 
  • Pick your own:
    • $6 per Gallon

SPRING Specials!  

  • Baskets: $16.00ea SOLD OUT
  • 4 1/2"pots:  $4.50ea  SOLD OUT
  • 4 packs: $1.50ea  SOLD OUT
  • Wave petunias (3 packs): $1.50ea  SOLD OUT
  • Wave petunias (1801s): $1.00ea SOLD OUT
  • Spikes and trailers (180ls) $3.00ea ONLY ASPARAGUS Plant left

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